Creast Network S.L. www.creast.network is an organization specialized in the measurement and reduction of the Carbon Footprint in the audiovisual sector, which is why its commitment to the environment, quality and safety and health at work are real and key factors in its development.

Through this policy, Creast wants to show its commitment that all its activities will be carried out in the most respectful way possible, and always promoting continuous improvement in mentioned activities.

The principles that, from now on, Creast will follow are the following:

  • Comply with legal requirements and other applicable requirements. Make sure we comply with the legislation, as well as with other minor requirements and internal requirements of our organization.
  • Ensure compliance with the requirements of our customers, as well as meet their expectations.
  • Guarantee responsible use of natural resources and establish environmental protection and pollution prevention as a priority.
  • Respect the legal and ethical maximum CO2 emissions through our Carbon Footprint Measurement, Reduction and Compensation tool.
  • Follow all the principles established in our Sustainability Guide, such as:
    • Smart mobility: (...) carry out as many activities as possible remotely.
    • Clean Energy: Lighting with the lowest possible consumption while still providing the expected quality. (...)
    • Use of Water: Reduce water consumption by making efficient use of this scarce and expensive asset. (...)
  • Provide safe and healthy working conditions to prevent injuries and deterioration of health, eliminating hazards and reducing risks to safety and health at work.
  • Promote the training and awareness of all interested parties, as well as the consultation and participation of workers.
  • Bear in mind continuous improvement and joint innovation in the audiovisual and environmental sector.
  • Truthful and continuous communication with all the interested parties of our organization in order to assess both possible expectations and opportunities.

This policy is approved by the management of Creast Network S.L. and is known by the whole team. In addition, it will be made available to anyone who requests it and wishes to consult it.

Fecha: 18-07-2022