1. Purpose and Acceptance

These General Terms and Conditions (the "General Terms") govern access to and use of the website www.creast.network (the "Website"), whose owner and controlling party is Audiovisual Global Network S.L., with Tax ID (CIF) B-88316468 and registered address at Calle Julian Rabanedo 4, 28045, Madrid, Spain ("AGN"). Website access and use by the user (the "User") implies acceptance of these General Terms without reservation. If there are specific conditions, the Website's access and use will also be subject to said specific conditions, which will take precedence over the General Terms, which are also accepted by the User without reservation.

If the User needs to contact AGN, it may do so by writing to our office:

Calle Julián Rabanedo nº 4
28045, Madrid, Spain
Email: legal@creast.network

2. Website use

The Website contains informative content and material on the audio visual and entertainment industry. Its main purpose is to provide clients and the general public with information relating to other companies in the sector.

Unless otherwise stated in the applicable specific conditions, use of the Website will be free of charge, notwithstanding the cost of connecting with the corresponding telecommunications network through which the User has access to the Internet. The services that AGN provides have a price that is indicated where applicable.

The user assumes responsibility for the Website's use. Said responsibility covers any registration that may have been necessary to access certain services or content. In said registration, the user shall be responsible for providing correct and lawful information. As a result of this registration, the user may provide a password for which the user is responsible, including the diligent and confidential use thereof.

The User is required to use the Website and the services and content contained therein diligently, correctly, and lawfully. The User is expressly prohibited from using the Website (i) for purposes harmful to the interests or assets of AGN and/or third parties; (iii) to take part in illicit or illegal activities, or those going against good faith and public order; (iii) to spread racist, xenophobic, or pornographic content, terrorist propaganda, or content that is threatening to human rights; or (iv) in any way that overloads, harms, or renders useless the networks, servers, and other computer equipment (hardware) and/or products and computer applications (software) belonging to AGN and/or third parties.

The User will be responsible to AGN or third parties, where applicable, for any damage and harm that may be caused as a result of a violation of applicable laws and/or non-compliance with these General Terms.

AGN reserves the right to (i) impede or prohibit Website access of any User that uses the Website in a way that is immoral, or contrary to these General Terms and legal regulations; (ii) remove any comment or contribution that endangers the dignity of an individual because it is discriminatory, racist, xenophobic, pornographic, harmful to youth or children, public safety and order, or which is deemed by AGN to be inappropriate for publication; and (iii) take legal actions that it deems appropriate in order to avoid this type of conduct.

3. Intellectual and Industrial Property

Depending on the case, AGN (i) is the exclusive owner of the text, brands, images, logos, distinctive signs, sounds, animation, videos, source code, and all other content included on the Website; or (ii) has exploitation and usage rights thereof. Therefore, the Website's contents are works protected by intellectual and industrial property laws in effect. The User must respect all of the Website's industrial and intellectual property rights at all times, regardless of whether they belong to AGN or a third party.

Any transfer, transformation, modification, edition, public communication, making available, extraction, reuse, distribution, copy, reproduction, or storage of the Website's contents, both partially or in full, is expressly prohibited unless: (i) there is prior and express written consent from AGN, or the party with ownership thereof; or (ii) this is not permitted by laws in effect. Nevertheless, Users may reproduce or store the Website's content exclusively for personal use, with it being expressly and strictly prohibited to reproduce elements or contents of the Website for commercial purposes or for profit.

The User agrees to refrain from deleting, avoiding, or manipulating the "copyright" and other identifying information regarding the rights of owners included in this Website's content.

4. Lack of Responsibility

The User recognises and accepts that the use of this Website is always their sole and exclusive responsibility, and AGN declines all contractual or non-contractual responsibility derived from a User's use of the Website. AGN does not guarantee that the content of its Website is useful, exact, true, exhaustive, pertinent, and/or updated, and therefore takes no responsibility for (i) decisions made based on the Website's content; nor (ii) damage and harm caused to Users or third parties by actions that are based on information obtained from the Website.

All information and data that is provided on the Website is informative. AGN is not responsible for it being exact, updated, or valid, and therefore will not be responsible for any incorrect information, omission, outdated information, or delay, nor will it be responsible for any loss or damage that may be caused due third-party use or exposure.

AGN will not be responsible for the opinions expressed by users through its forums, chats, and other participatory tools.

AGN will also not be responsible for damage and harm caused by failures or improper configurations of software installed on the internet user's computer. It is exempt from all responsibility for any technical incident or failure that may be caused when the User connects to the internet. In addition, it does not guarantee a lack of interruptions or errors when accessing the website.

AGN does its best to keep the Website's content free from viruses, however in no case does AGN guarantee that the Website's content is free from viruses, trojans, malware, or any other type of harmful software. Also, AGN does not guarantee a lack of interruptions, suspensions, or errors when accessing the Website or its content.

AGN reserves the ability to carry out modifications and/or updates at any time, and without prior notice: (i) to the Website's content; and/or (ii) its configurations and presentation. The User will have the duty of accessing the Website's newest version.

5. Links

AGN is not responsible for the content and veracity of the information, services, terms, conditions, privacy policies, or instructions of other pages not belonging to AGN that are linked to or from the Website. AGN does not control nor exercise any type of supervision over links from or to other websites and, therefore, cannot check if the content therein: (i) respects applicable law; (ii) is up to date; (iii) is correct and true; (iv) is free of immoral content; or (v) is free from viruses, trojans, malware, or any other type of harmful software.

The existence of links does not assume or imply agreements with the owners or controlling parties of other websites, nor does it assume or imply AGN's recommendation, promotion, or identification of the statements, content, or services provided therein.

AGN advises visitors using links to other websites to act with caution and consult possible legal conditions that are presented on said websites.

AGN reserves the right to prohibit or deactivate any link to the Website at any time, particularly in cases where a website including said link involves illicit activity or content.

It is prohibited to use any mixed, graphic, or word mark, or any other distinctive AGN sign on the page where the link is found, unless permitted by law or expressly authorised by AGN.

6. Changes to the General Conditions

AGN expressly reserves the right to change or update these General Terms at any time and without prior notification. As a result, AGN recommends that Users review these General Terms every time they access the Website. Last update: (October the 1st, 2019)

7. Data Protection

As per that stipulated in Organic Law 3/2018, dated 5 December, on Personal Data Protection and guaranteed digital rights, and in Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and Council, dated 27 April 2016, on the protection of natural persons in terms of personal data processing and the free circulation of this data, the User is informed that the personal data and information they provide through the Website's forms will be incorporated and processed in a file whose data controller is Audiovisual Global Network, S.L. As a result, the User expressly provides its consent to AGN to process its personal information and data. The purpose is to be able to maintain contact with the User, address their requests for information, and send commercial information. In the same way, the user gives consent to AGN to use and store, for statistical purposes, the necessary data to calculate CO2 emissions (data referring to mobility, energy consumed, waste generated, etc. ...) in order to improve the sustainability of the user’s professional activity for environmental purposes. AGN's legitimacy is the User's consent. AGN will not transfer data to third parties, unless legally required to do so.

The questions included in each of the forms are voluntary, unless they are marked with an asterisk (*), which are required. If required questions are not answered, AGN reserves the right to not process incomplete requests or consultations.

The User may exercise their rights to access, correct, suppress, limit, and oppose their personal data, as well as all other rights set forth in applicable regulations, by writing to AGN's "Data Protection Officer" (i) via mail sent to Calle Julian Rabanedo nº 4, 28045, Madrid, Spain; or (ii) via email sent to legal@creast.network. The User must include a photocopy of their National ID or Passport with any request.

The User may consult additional and detailed information on AGN's Privacy Policy regarding data protection through the following link: The use of Website forms implies that the User has read and accepted the Privacy Policy, which is included here in its entirety.

8. Use of Cookies

The Website uses cookies. By browsing and continuing to use the Website, the User consents to the use of the cookies described, for the periods indicated, and under the conditions contained in our Cookies Policy. You can consult the Website's Cookies Policy at ……………….. The Cookies Policy is an integral part of these General Terms, however it is presented separately for the sole purpose of User convenience.

9. Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

These General Terms are governed and interpreted according to the laws of the Kingdom of Spain.

AGN and the User subject themselves to the jurisdiction of the courts and tribunals of the City of Madrid, Spain, for any conflict that may be derived from access, download, or use of the Website, with this electronic contract being understood as signed in the City of Madrid, Spain.

10. Language

These General Terms are available in Spanish and English. The English version is included for merely informative purposes for Users that do not understand Spanish. However, if there is a conflict or discrepancy between the English and Spanish versions of these General Terms, the Spanish version will take precedence in all cases.


Through this acceptance, the user declares that:
They have read and understood the content of this legal notice.
They are of legal age, or, if younger than sixteen years of age, they have authorisation from their legal guardians.
They consent to the use of their data according to the terms established in this legal notice.

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